Timeline & History

The tradition of Artinian jewellery craftsmanship dates back to the early 1950s, when Armenian brothers, Yervant and Souren Artinians, started with a small jewellery Atelier and later Kevork joined the company, developing the Artinian family jewellery business, gradually expanding to Antwerp – Belgium, and subsequently to Toronto – Canada, and Bangkok – Thailand, passing the laurels of management to the second generation of Artinian jewellers.


Arto Artinian establishes Artinian Co., Ltd. In Bangkok, with a vision to bring the Artinian manufacture and savoir faire in jewellery workmanship to International markets and to explore new business opportunities.


Arto’s brother Saro Artinian joins Artinian Co., Ltd. and together they relocate from the C.S. building office on Surasak Road to Silom Soi 19 office on Silom Road, on 19 December 1998. Toward the end of 1998 and subsequently in 1999 Artinian Co., Ltd. begins the main wholesale business supplying finished jewellery creations to clients in Canada and the USA.


Following the success of the wholesale collections in North America, Artinian launches the “Couple Rings Concept” for the Middle East markets, especially for the Egyptian market. An innovative engagement line consisting of engagement rings and matching wedding bands, bringing roaring success and thriving wholesale sales.


Artinian further enhances its manufacturing capacities, developing on design strengths, making the company one of the most innovative jewellery manufacturing companies in Bangkok, providing OEM and ODM manufacturing services as well as accommodating visiting jewellery retailers catering for their unique creations.


During the maiden September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair participation, Artinian enthusiastically turns its attention to branding, initiating a new era of jewellery design creativity and finished product exclusivity, commencing the early blueprint of Sartoro, as the house brand of Artinian.


First BASELWORLD participation of Artinian with the launch of the newly branded Sartoro Pyramid Collection in Switzerland, grabbing the appreciation of Artinian’s clients from the US, Canada, Middle East and Europe.


Sartoro officially launches as a complete, innovative jewellery Brand with a comprehensive product line and visual merchandising package, including the Tramoto and Pyramid Collections to an admiring Hong Kong market, offering retailers an added choice of trend, exclusivity and marketing support.


Artinian launches Sartoro Gioielli LLC and opens its door to the UAE markets with the introduction of Sartoro boutique in Dubai, designed in Sartoro standards and character, to serve the Middle East market locally and with added commitment.


Artinian Co., Ltd. expands its concentration and expertise into delivering high-end jewellery manufacturing end-to-end service and support to European House brands, adapting the team and high jewellery expertise to a new mindset of 100% precision, cutting edge process innovation and manufacturing excellence as well as improving the delivery of trained customer service.


Sartoro surges to the jewellery industry spotlight with the exceptionally creative Colors of Life Collection at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair in 2006, a participation which sets a new standard of visitors and sales, accumulating market appreciation for the beautiful new jewellery collection.


Sartoro continues the trendsetting tradition of creativity and innovation with the spiritually echoed Feng-Shui Collection, concurrently building retail centers in the US, Canada, Greece, Egypt, Armenia, Dubai, Hong Kong and Japan offering premium fine jewellery creations to retailers.


Sartoro marks great accolades with fine jewellery editorials and acknowledgements in prominent magazines such as Solitaire, VIORO, JF-W, Avante Garde and Vogue Gioiello describing the brand as “Brilliantly unusual and arrestingly creative”.


Sartoro strategically expands in Japan in partnership with K. Hiramatsu setting up dynamic shop in shop concept stores very much exemplifying the Japanese retail style inclination.


Following the market’s shift in demand and the global financial uncertainty, Sartoro launches the Chic Collection, a curated diamond collection inspired by minimal, sophisticated, elegant everyday luxury, designed and made as a perfect gift or a self-purchases collection.


Artinian takes its tradition of distinction to Nikolskaya Plaza Moscow with the launch of the a flagship Sartoro boutique radiating classy Italian interiors, sophistication and geometric architecture at the heart of Moscow’s luxury hub.


Sartoro participates at the Qatar show, along with Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain and UAE fairs, becoming a much followed domestic brand in subsequent markets and a great showcase value for its many partnering retailers.


Maral Artinian launches MARLI in New York, an edgy, minimalist and distinctively urban jewellery brand based in New York city and no long after, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner are seen wearing MARLI.


Artinian Co., Ltd launches the a sumptuous Emerald High-Jewellery collection, made with exceptional quality, color and size of fine Colombian Emeralds sourced from the same mine, with Solitaire magazine describing the company as “championing traditional savoir-faire and innovative approach to fine jewellery”.


Artinian Co., Ltd moves to it purposely built, entirely refurbished new office and manufacturing premises, elevating its design, production and administrative capacity and offering to an excelled standard of modernity, health, safety, hygiene, functionality and ergonomy.


Arto Artinian launches Maison Artinian, a luxury lifestyle boutique, nested amongst the comfort and opulence of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, showcasing the best of Artinian Fine Jewellery and Sartoro, in collaboration with Elizabeth Romhild and her eponymous Art and Porcelain.


Artinian Co., Ltd. celebrates 20th Anniversary, evoking and continuing its tradition of crafting finest jewellery for 20 years, and begins a new era of Private Soiree concepts with exclusive Press Preview events and Social High Tea to celebrate to decades of devotion to mastery and innovation.


Arto Artinian the Chairman & CEO of Artinian continue tradition of innovation kicking off the era of collaboration with French Italian Guy Bedarida to create the Mekong Beauty Pha Ya Nak Dragon Bangle for the 2018 St. Regis Charity Gala, while Maison Artinian also launches the Bridal Studio a prestigious wedding jewellery service tailored for to-be weds in Bangkok and globally.


As a family owned company, our people are at the forefront of Artinian Co., Ltd. Over the last 20+ years, we have built and maintained a strong and happy community, which we are proud to call our family. To celebrate the community we have built over the years, founders Arto Artinian and Saro Artinian organised a big Thai themed party to express gratitude and appreciation to all members of staff.


Creating jewellery for special causes is of great importance to the Founder and Chairman Arto Artinian. Depicting the intricacy and traditionalism of Thai craftsmanship, Arto envisioned the creation of the Suphannahong Golden Swan brooch to be auctioned for the 2020 St. Regis Charity, which is in aid of the Asia-Pacific Development Centre on Disability (APCD), a Royal charitable cause managed by the APCD Foundation under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.