Patronage to Jewelry Arts
Artinian Curates Maison ARTINIAN
  Passionate creations by Artinian and Elizabeth Romhild and an appetite to excite. Portraying retail luxury through the story of Carats and Canvas.
Luxury Jewelry Brand of Thailand
      Luxury Lifestyle Asia and the subsequent panel of judges have awarded Artinian Fine Jewellery as the Winner of Luxury Jewelry Brand of Thailand in recognition of the distinct Colombian Emerald High-Jewelry Collection.
Training – Fire Fighting & Evacuation 2016
  High Standards of Fire Evacuation Training & Safety Maintained   On the 27th of February 2016, the Management and Staff of Artinian Co., Ltd. underwent a day long “Annual Fire Fighting and Fire Evacuation Training and Practice” to ensure high standards of safety awareness and highly trained employees are sustained in operational readiness to deal promptly with fire emergency situations. The objectives of the Fire Safety executional plan at Artinian Co., Ltd. is part of the wider scope of work of the Health and Safety committee of the company which consist of representatives from many different departments headed by the General Manager’s office, team members from the Admin, Logistics, Selection, Setting, Polishing, Casting, IT and HR departments, all supervised under the guidance of the Health and Safety policies and procedures of the company. The long term objective of this committee is to:   1. Clarify to team members and practice the basic method of Evacuation in case of a fire emergency as part of general fire protection systems 2. Take preemptive action against risk of fire – How to minimize risk with the usage of fire extinguishers, control and confinement mechanisms 3. Ensure the building facilities are well equipped with preventative tools and that Artinian team members are aware of these facilities; locations of sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers 4. Ensure that the Fire Safety equipments are properly maintained and tested by the designated personnel of the company 5. Delegate responsibilities and roles to individual team members to confirm good working order of all procedures, leave every issue checked and rechecked even the Emergency lighting systems 6. Emergency evacuation scenario is well rehearsed in full drill by all occupants of the Artinian Co., Ltd. premises, supervised by Trained public officials. 7. First Aid training realized for specific team members, individuals who are tasked to perform First Aid be in fully prepared and trained level of readiness. Artinian Co., Ltd. Senior Management – President of Health and Safety Committee
Artinian Co., Ltd. Team Training
Two Day Seminar on Occupational Health & Safety   As part of a comprehensive program of Health and Safety Training at Artinian Co., Ltd., the company’s management, supervisors and staff underwent a two day, occupational Health and Safety training session on the 17th and 18th of February 2016, conducted in-house by specifically invited experts. The objectives of the program are to avoid potential harm to personal Health and Safety of team members during the course of their daily work. Evidently, the method of maintaining high standards of Health and Safety starts by implementing the knowledge learned during training programs. The company’s management believes “Preparedness” can minimize the risk of potential hazards to team member in case of an accident. Occupational hazards can also be curtailed within the jewelry manufacturing environment by ensuring that the staff are provided with personal protective equipment, the necessary wear and tools to protect them from risk exposures during casting, setting, polishing or rhodium plating processes. A preventive Health and Safety philosophy at Artinian Co., Ltd. can also deliver considerable efficiency benefits in terms of output and employee satisfaction. The training went through different aspects of hazardous materials within the working environment, elaborating on the process of “How to” conduct Health and Safety checks via checklists. The scope of the training session was to ensure the preparedness and awareness of staff for all circumstances to take necessary measures for the Health and Safety for the entire team. Artinian Co., Ltd. Senior Management & President of Health and Safety Committee
Visit Artinian at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 3-7 March, 2016
Working Day at Artinian Co., Ltd.
  A walk through the specialized interiors, showing the key departments of the Artinian jewelry manufacturing process, the Artinian Co., Ltd. corporate showreel is an informative depiction of how day to day responsibilities are implemented at Artinian in a purpose built, high tech, modern, healthy and safe working environment, managed with responsible corporate governance and customer centric professional ethic.   The objective of the showreel is to exemplify the Artinian standards of ‎jewelry ‎design and ‎manufacturing. Artinian Co., Ltd. President & CEO Arto Artinian and Creative Director & COO Saro Artinian at the helm of a ‎second ‎generation jewelry manufacturing‎ legacy which has begun since the 1950s, ‎creating ‎refined, ‎innovative and ‎inspired ‎high-end jewelry ‎collections, sustaining corporate virtues of quality, innovation, technology & business integrity.   Journeying through the behind the scenes steps of a fine jewelry creation beginning with inspiration to design, prototyping to master artisanship, diamond selection to microscope setting, fine polishing to microscopic quality control and moreover into the stages marketing creativity and support as well impeccable customer service.   Artinian Editorial Team
The Pastels Bloomed
  Jazz Collection Unveiled   The look of Jazz expressed through the creativity of an artist. Masked in the jewelry design, there’s certainly an echo of a youngish heart which looks and feels of colors drawn with an innately blooming imagination.  Expressive composition of shades, facets and shine, visually essential luxury for the Besame Mucho moment and time tells if more pastels can bloom in fashion, in luxury. The Jazzed side of chicness.   Perpetuating the uniquely discovered affinity of creative jewelry arts by the Maîtres des Arts at Artinian, seasoned jewelers with years of experience and skill in their hands yet exhibit an indulgent side of innocence and liveliness.   The Jazz Collection is a collaboration of artisanal style philosophy, comfortable personality with the need for the dance amongst the stars to the tunes of Jazz. Almost like holding hands and being obsessively fabulous, especially; within.   The pastels have indeed bloomed with the Artinian Fine Jewellery – Jazz Collection.   The Editorial Team     Visit ARTINIAN at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, 3 – 7 March 2016, Booth GH – G01 / Grand Hall
The Luxury of Emeralds
Making a Statement of Elegance    Artinian Co., Ltd. has created a sumptuous Emerald jewelry collection which will be presented to Artinian clients during the upcoming Hong Kong International Jewelry Show in March 3-7, 2016 at the HK Convention and Exhibition center. The unique one-off pieces are made with high quality Colombian Emeralds, personally selected by company President and CEO Arto Artinian, keeping in mind the quality considerations of Artinian customers, and are designed with classic style, made with distinctive Artinian craftsmanship, specially fitting for boutiques and jewelers who would like to showcase uniqueness and the luxury of Emeralds in their showcases.   Visit ARTINIAN at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show, 3 – 7 March 2016, Booth GH – G01 / Grand Hall
Artinian and Elizabeth Romhild join hands for CHARITY
  Artinian Co., Ltd. President and CEO Arto Artinian is conveying his generosity by joining hands and support with acclaimed Danish Armenian Artist Elizabeth Romhild to create the UTOPIA; the most wonderful, artistic, colorful and humanely connecting Elephant Art Sculpture which is exhibited part of the ELEPHANT PARADE BANGKOK 2015 presented by Anantara Hotels Resorts and Spas.   The ELEPHANT PARADE BANGKOK 2015 is the world’s largest Art exhibition of decorated Elephant sculptures which has been commissioned by the honorable organizers of the event and created by acclaimed Artists in Thailand and Around the World. The Beautiful works of are being exhibited in Bangkok at various populous and luxury locations and are auctioned to raise money for the noble cause of Asian Elephants Conservation.