Precision CNC

The most recent breakthrough at Artinian is the introduction CNC high tech precision multi axis, compact, accurate and purpose engineered CNC production capability. The CNC technology primarily assists to produce highly aesthetic, mechanical fine jewellery creations with high precision. relative agility, cost control and efficiency, sustaining the competitive aspects of complicated and technically demanding jewellery manufacturing.

Artinian CNC capability can implement diverse production configurations, meaning well-organized and productive usage of manufacturing space and higher productivity and output for client orders, design room to end product integration, reduction of the production lead time by 35%-40%, adding leverage to delivery deadlines.

Additionally, Artinian has introduced the CNC, linear engineering system as well as the equivalent operational team of highly experienced, technical engineers to add versatility and better choice in the product offering, creating suitable product accessories to suit the tastes and expectation of diversified market segments, concurrently reducing significantly the non-productive machine time. By adding a CNC automated process into the production ecosystem, Artinian brings fine jewellery manufacturing into an optimal cohesion between traditional and up-to-date jewellery manufacturing and Savoir Faire.