Le Biennale Set

An exquisite high jewelry three peace set, all diamond set by Artinian, consisting of meticulously handcrafted 18K white gold and diamond evening necklace, fancy soiree earrings, very sophistiqué, designed with rain drop diamond pattern. An enchanting jewelry set with cascading pear cut, marquise cut and round brilliant cut diamonds.


18K White Gold & Diamond Necklace

18KW 68.84GM

69DR 11.76CT

86DMQ 18.31CT

80DPS 25.54CT


18K White Gold & Diamond Bracelet

18KW 45.63GM

32DR 1.87CT

33DR 4.41CT

53DPS 13.70CT

46DMQ 7.70CT


18K White Gold & Diamond Earring

18KW 11.59GM

6DR 1.21CT

12DMQ 2.78CT

14DPS 4.37CT

4DPS 2.58 (GIA)


18K White Gold & Diamond Ring

18KW 7.13GM


8DPS 2.33CT

1DPS 1.01CT

SIZE 54 - (GIA-GVS2)

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Showing all 3 results