Responsibility Toward All

Artinian Co., Ltd.’s long term commitment necessitates training and development of our employee and the continuous personal development for our management. Our responsibilities are ongoing and the implementation is part of a 12 months corporate governance program. We implement, audit and certify our processes in full collaboration with the Thai government departments, including the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

At Artinian we take Health & Safety, Accident Precaution and Employee Protection values with weighty obligation and endorse it as an integral part of our work productivity and quality. Artinian believes safety demands the cooperation of all team members, and attaches great importance in the continuous communication and checks of the occupational health and safety policies and procedures.

Artinian Co., Ltd. production is based at our modern, state-of-the-art jewelry Atelier in Bangkok and Artinian employs more than 350 specialists, working in a planned, fastidiously organized, and fairly managed, jewelry manufacturing operations, producing bespoke, OEM, ODM and Private Label finished jewelry products.