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    The Oriental Moonlight Set

    The Endowment & Name

    Like shooting stars in the infinitely blue skies, an Oriental Moonlight
    serenity is reflected through the revealing charms of the intense
    Blue Sapphires basking under the glimmer of spectacular Diamonds.
    A contemporary chef-d'oeuvre is meticulously crafted by Artinian,
    from the endless treasures of beautiful earth and is endowed the
    name The Oriental Moonlight set.

    The Value of Gem-Grade Blue Sapphires

    With the reputation and unequaled expertise of Maison Artinian,
    gemologists responsibly source the Blue Sapphires with insistent
    devotion and equal courtesy.
    Diamonds bearing the precision of seasoned diamond cutters and the
    clarity of optimum reflectiveness for the alluring Sapphires, The
    Oriental Moonlight set is made to reflect color and light, transcending
    natural treasures of earth to the sparkling masterworks for regal

    The Oriental Moonlight Design

    The story begins by imagining the design elements assembled around
    the layout of the spectacular Blue Sapphires to form the well composed,
    high-jewelry creation which allots artistry, skill and vision into the
    jewelers hands, creating a masterwork which reflects the legacy of
    20 years of Artinian innovation and jewelry mastery.

    The Making of the Jewelry

    The leading craftsmen create the elegant mounting, laying out the
    unmatched exquisite 17 central certified rare Sapphires totaling
    a remarkable 164.51ct, combining with a magnificent total Diamond
    weight of 160.96ct.
    The prominence of Maison Artinian is revealed when through the
    synthesis of spectacular ideals, the jewelry set-piece is completed to
    reflect the craftsmanship, color, clarity, cut and carat affluence so

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