What We Do

Innovation, quality and artistry are the three words which define Artinian Co., Ltd.

Today, with a modern structure of 350 skilled designers, 3D Designers, mold makers, jewelers, diamond setters, gem specialists and diamond professionals, we carry those three simple business approaches to everything we do.

Steeped in traditional product development techniques, we excel in product design and prototyping, coupled with applied craftsmanship skills and personal customer service.

artinian personal tailored jewellery
artinian design and manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing – OEM

Artinian Co., Ltd. works with clients in order to create advanced, end to end OEM, providing turn-key concept, design, prototype to end product flawless sequence.

With perceptive creativity, synchronized teamwork and learned professionalism we conceptualize new design sets and manufacture seasonal jewelry creations for clients.

We do this with optimal consistency at all levels.

As a result, fine jewelry creations which bear the hallmarks of Artinian Co., Ltd., are defined by their “marketability”, luxury value, design, aesthetic, functionality, comfort, and perfect craftsmanship.

Personal Tailoring and Private Label

Since the overhaul of our high-tech specialized Atelier in 2014, we have created a signature product development system which stands out for its effectiveness, advancement and technologically adept matrix.

Our concept to design process compatibility helps our customers to see how their ideas can be materialized in product prototyping in real time.

Additional to personalized bespoke services, we also focus in creating Private Label collections for discerning retailers and collaborate with aspiring jewelry designers from Asia, Middle East, Europe and the US, with reciprocal design flows from Paris, London and New York.

a jewelry designer at artinian
artinian custom made bracelet

Dedication to Quality

Our core values are interlinked with consumer expectations and are built on mutual trust, mutual commitment on quality standards, in a relentless pursuit of jewelry refinement.

Every artisan at Artinian Co., Ltd. is responsible for mastery and innovation.