Artinian and Elizabeth Romhild join hands for CHARITY

Artinian Co., Ltd. President and CEO Arto Artinian is conveying his generosity by joining hands and support with acclaimed Danish Armenian Artist Elizabeth Romhild to create the UTOPIA; the most wonderful, artistic, colorful and humanely connecting Elephant Art Sculpture which is exhibited part of the ELEPHANT PARADE BANGKOK 2015 presented by Anantara Hotels Resorts and Spas.

The ELEPHANT PARADE BANGKOK 2015 is the world’s largest Art exhibition of decorated Elephant sculptures which has been commissioned by the honorable organizers of the event and created by acclaimed Artists in Thailand and Around the World. The Beautiful works of are being exhibited in Bangkok at various populous and luxury locations and are auctioned to raise money for the noble cause of Asian Elephants Conservation.

The UTOPIA Elephant by Elizabeth Romhild is sponsored by Artinian Co., Ltd. and is a creation of elaborately happy and energizing colors, vivid imagination and meticulous brush works.

The delightful portrayal of the Artwork as per Elizabeth Romhild’s view: “Like many of the large and endangered animals, I wish to see the elephants of Thailand in a so called world of Utopia. A world filled with lush forests, surrounded by different kind of exotic plants and nymphs. Where the elephant can wade freely, splashing around, with no worries about poaching, mines and other human interference, all in total tranquility.

UTOPIA – is still on Auction. Possible bidders for the Artwork can follow the link and scroll down to UTOPIA and place their bids to have a possession of the Artwork which emits so much goodwill and positivity.

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