Four Artinian Co., Ltd. Sustainability Goals

Artinian Fine Jewellery

For July, Artinian Co., Ltd.’s Sustainability Team set clear goals and progress benchmarks in different phases and management tiers of the manufacturing departments. The different approach this month is to galvanize random teams together, bringing together varying mindsets and teamed specialists. The Sustainability team believes that working with diffrenet departments at the same time really makes the routine work more engaging and generally more enjoyable. The trial will tell.

Within our routine ongoing recruitment processes, we’re also adding a sustainability filter for candidates and asking question relating to sustainable thinking, using certain direct and indirect methods, and questioning that reveal applicant’s own sustainability ethos. Is this important? We believe it is. We believe it’s important that our new recruits and potential team members have a candid understanding about sustainability, even at a beginner level, and can relate to its importance in everyday work and business practices.

In our community impacts understanding, our team is actively looking to form new relationships with key stakeholders and contributors with whom Artinian Co., Ltd. can chair and sponsor joint projects that can explain and assess our everyday social impact, ensuring our business activities benefit communities and makes a difference towards the better, extends a helping hand, makes a community contribution, and ultimately put a smile on people’s faces. It’s important here to do our work with hope and optimism.

For every new Sustainability methodology, we consider with our active and busy managers, Artinian Co., Ltd. senior leadership believes team training is the correct solution, equipping our team leaders, hands-on managers with the skills and commitment levels to implement change by being the change themselves.

Finally, July is once again Responsibility Awareness Month at Artinian Co., Ltd. Besides the daily routine that our team members are busy and engaged in, we reiterate the importance of sustainable thinking and likewise, daily practices in everyday jewelry design, manufacturing and collectively within our production quarters. We ask our team members to ponder, generate thoughts, share ideas, and make small improvements towards their own sustainable workdays daily.

If we achieve these four goals by the end of July, it’ll be another milestone month in our ongoing journey of sustainable discovery and upholding the Artinian values of commitment, innovation, responsibility, collaboration and sustainability, where our actions embody our obligation to manufacturing excellence and social responsibility.