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A jeweler reveals his passion with resolute designs

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Family tradition outlines the foundations of Artinian’s jewellery atelier. In the words of President and CEO Arto Artinian, the fine jewellery pieces crafted in their workshops carry the essence and skills of both the past and the present.

Artinian’s story began in the 1950’s when the first generation of Artinian brothers started as skilled Armenian jewellers their own small workshop making jewellery for the select elite clients in the historic jewellery district of Damascus.

Artinian Solitaire Editorial Blog 6The business progressed well soon developing a reputation for exceptional quality in jewellery designing and making and in time the brothers moved into bigger manufacturing atelier with both retailing and diamond distribution worldwide based in Antwerp.

Artinian Solitaire Editorial Blog 5The evolution as a second generation jewellers in the traditional family business came naturally to both Arto and Saro, who grew up learning the jewellery making techniques as well as the trade skills in their very early ages. By 1997, the search and exploration of gemstones and the ambition for growth and development into new international markets was the result of the establishment of Artinian Co. Ltd. in Bangkok.

Artinian Solitaire Editorial Blog 3Arto reflects on the evolution of their technique and jewellery making since his father’s days. “The Artisans at my father’s workshop first they were all Armenians and they were very passionate, devoted and proud jewellers with their own creations, the methods were used were very traditional and basic yet the outcome was magnificent and artistic.

Today, as we have progressed over time gaining aptitude as jewellers, technological advancements and the introduction of innovative tools and machinery in the jewellery making processes have helped us to combine our traditional skills and knowledge to reach a more advanced level of refinement and sophistication in jewellery making”.

Moving carefully with prevailing trends remains at the core of the company’s progress, while at the same time maintaining the exquisite craftsmanship and customer dedication is the top priority of Artinian.

Artinian Solitaire Editorial Blog 1Artinian’s current fine jewellery collection features contemporary jewellery, drawn with clean lines and feminine silhouettes and with high quality diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies as centrepieces. Arto’s personal favourite and passion are fine gemstones specifically Colombian Emeralds and those with very fine quality, and he is keen to source thoroughly with patience and devotion. “Distinctive gemstones featured in our creations have been collected over some time,” says the jeweller, adding that “the commitment towards perfecting the finished pieces and our orientation in working with the fine gemstones have transcended over two family generations.”

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On the more corporate level whilst working with corporate clients, Artinian’s creative team engages in thorough conceptualisation and product development processes to realise yearly collections. Saro Artinian heads the creative and design development department, while Arto provides the companies direction for the fine and bespoke jewellery creations and commitment for advanced clients service. Arto remarks that working with discerning clients is a thrilling and motivating process, adding that “The conceived jewellery pieces come out quite spectacular and more importantly, they are nicely-balanced between Artinian standards and clients’ idiosyncrasies and design aspirations.”

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Arto and his team are currently designing a new collection inspired by reinventing timeless designs, which have been in the Artinian creative philosophy. The collection is due to launch this coming September in Hong Kong, featuring tribal motifs, and clusters made with artistic assortments and use of brilliant, marquise and pear-cut diamonds, along with unique Colombian Emeralds and other gemstones. The elaborate jewellery sets include diamond Sautoirs with feather motifs, as well as other pieces arranged in more tribal motifs.

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Artinian continues to revisit the classics and approaches trends selectively, instead relying on a master jeweller’s age-old quiet confidence in simply crafting beautiful pieces that leave an everlasting mark.

This article is posted by permission from Oriental Publishing Pte Ltd – Solitaire Magazine – Issue 71