Patronage to Jewelry Arts

Traditional craftsmanship journeys into the extravagant palette of Emeralds, fanciful Sapphires and all-Diamond creations.

Artinian Fine Jewelry moves to the expressive side of high-end luxury by creating one-of-a-kind tailored jewelry creations for the Fall Season of 2016.

Through lavish styling and assortment of finest pear-cut vivid green Colombian Emeralds, Artinian brings artisanship to a new resolve, befitting for Soiree occasions and revealing sophisticated tastes for regal social engagements.

Fine jewelry creations get a novel form with the linear and even designs of unique rings made with Sapphires in Pink and Blue shades, Green Tourmalines and Emeralds, while non-conventional trillion-cut diamonds mark a comeback, adorning the designs to give an edgy yet stunning look to the 2016 Fall collection.

The color play of the fancy and Gem-grade gemstones reflect an intense fantasy of the jewelry designer, disguised under the mastery of the jewelry maker. Artisanship in its most learned form, climbs a grade higher uplifting with it the status of the whole collection.

Certainly, these pieces reveal the confidence and affluence of the wearer. Elegance, grace and distinction are words which signify the essence of these fine creations.

Indeed whimsical and masterfully made.

Artinian Editorial Team