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An Interview with Artinian, a High-End Jewellery Atelier In Bangkok

Commended for its unique fusion of jewellery and art collections, Maison Artinian celebrates 21 years of traditional skills and outstanding craftsmanship with a contemporary taste influenced by modern luxury lifestyles and feminine inspirations of today.

Feb 04, 2018 | By LUXUO

High-end Jewellery Atelier and jewellery manufacturer, Artinian presents the “Parisienne” Collection, its latest high jewellery line celebrating the brand’s 21 years anniversary and the first anniversary of Maison Artinian at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

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Artinian’s “Parisienne” was specifically created and launched for the Maison Artinian showcase for discerning business clients and esteemed guests. Comprising of unique creations such as necklace, bracelet and earrings and ring matching set, the latest offerings speak of the endless source of inspiration for the Armenian label since its inception.

Founded by Arto Artinian, who is at the helm of the fine jewellery atelier as President and CEO of Artinian, a company which he co-founded together with his brother Saro Artinian in 1997, LUXUO interviewed Arto Artinian to find out more about the qualities that most define the Artinian’s jewellery pieces with remarkable mechanisms, including how each gem exudes the Armenian’s greatest fine jewellery ateliers and the inspirations that are steeped in its traditional product development techniques.

Artinian celebrates the very best of fine jewellery innovation and devotion to Maison Artinian

LUXUO: You are celebrating one year of Maison Artinian, yet you have been established in Thailand longer. Can you tell us more about the Maison Artinian and its latest developments?

ARTO ARTINIAN: Artinian was established in Thailand in 1997 and we have always been behind-the-scenes as B2B suppliers and manufacturers to other distributors, wholesalers, bespoke jewellery and brands. The Maison Artinian is our baby and it started out as a B2C retail POS, which actually represents our retail business and what we do as a company as well as a small part of our story and our collaborations with many other designers throughout all those years.

This month, we celebrate the first year anniversary of Maison Artinian at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok where we’re perfectly situated for business. We think it’s a wonderful place in terms of both luxury address and travel destination. Almost every luxury traveller visiting Bangkok will pass by the Mandarin Oriental and get a sight of Maison Artinian through which we share our story.

LUXUO: Tell us more about the “La Parisienne” Collection.

ARTO ARTINIAN: The Parisienne Collection is a contemporary classic style diamond ensemble, which we created specifically for the Maison Artinian showcase. It consists of a spectacular necklace, bracelet and earrings and ring matching set. The significant-size Poire shape centre diamonds give a superior charisma to this high jewellery set. Designed with a classic idea, will let the vigour of the unique Pear Shape diamonds exude a true luxury silhouette and immaculate shine. Set to be a showstopper, the jewellery collection is created for a formal Soiree, red carpet or gala event.

LUXUO: You have always had a passion for watches. Will we soon see a watch under the Artinian brand?

ARTO ARTINIAN: Watches have always been included in our agenda and we have always been working on watches but indirectly, whether Artinian will produce our own watches at the moment or not, we have no plans. However, we have been in collaborations with other watch brands.

LUXUO: You are celebrating Artinian’s fine jewellery and craftsmanship. How has Thailand played such an important role in your developments?

ARTO ARTINIAN: I think there is no coincidence that the first French artisans chose Thailand as a good place to focus on the concept development and jewellery production. The Thais are dexterous, they are good with their hands, which is essential for art and craft. If you go around Thailand, you will see the people putting their talents to good use where they fashion art and craft with their pair of creative hands. The existence of Royalty and as a Kingdom, has always been a centre for creating beautiful things and moreover the Thais have the passion and the patience for working with hands.

We have taken these great benefits and added The Artinian touch, we have also helped our craftsmen hone their skills and refine their tastes as they evolve, and develop further by modernising their working technics. Hence, we are very proud to be working alongside a great team of artisans.

LUXUO: You have Armenian roots. Can clients of Maison Artinian identify some of these specific Armenian DNA in your latest collection?

ARTO ARTINIAN: Its very hard to identify the Armenian DNA in our collections, the Armenian DNA doesn’t run in the designs, however it runs in the whole process of creation and the making of these jewellery pieces. Armenians have long been known as highly skilled craftsmen. For some reason it is in the DNA of our people to work on jewellery. Hence any jewellery connoisseur, who walks into Maison, knows about jewellery making and understands the details and complexity behind the final pieces, will recognise the Armenian DNA behind the pieces.

LUXUO: What developments are in the pipeline for the year to come? Another boutique or expansion plans beyond Thailand?

ARTO ARTINIAN: Thailand has become a home for Artinian family and we really enjoy working and developing beautiful pieces with our team. We are always in pursuit of developing more beautiful designs and I feel that sometimes it will be so wonderful to share these with the local connoisseurs who actually don’t know how beautiful pieces can be crafted in Thailand. I will be very happy to expose that one day.

LUXUO: Have you had a mentor who has influenced your creative path?

ARTO ARTINIAN: I was very lucky to have two great mentors; one was my father who actually gave me the opportunity to understand how to work and communicate with people. Throughout his life, he taught me the values of life, work ethics, respect towards people, fairness and honesty which were all his number one priorities in life. All this paved the way for me to realise that the only way to build a company and grow it to 400 employees, is to treat each and everyone fairly in the organisation. In return, you will have great loyalty and trust.

The other mentor was my uncle in Belgium; he groomed me during the start of my business career and mentored me on the whole diamond world and what it needed to become a respected “Diamantaire”, a French term to call a master diamond cutter and polisher for many years ago. It was a very respected profession, his passion in diamonds, jewellery making, and work ethics who at his young age travelled the world to meet clients, gave me the inspiration to continue his passion and travel the world and through to Asia to pursue my own future and career.

LUXUO: What advice would you give to a young jewellery creator looking at launching his own brand?

ARTO ARTINIAN: Today the jewellery world has become a very challenging one and the creation of technology has brought this industry somehow to a difficult position. We are lacking of great craftsmanship and artisans, and patience is needed in our business to create beautiful things. Yet nothing can beat the hands.

To keep the traditions of fine jewellery-making alive, be sure to understand your clients and the reasons why they would buy your jewellery pieces. Times have changed and consumers’ tastes and demands have changed too. But whatever you do, you must keep to fundamentals of this industry and keep its shine at all times. Most importantly, you must make sure the client trust you and what you deliver.

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