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Artinian: Committed To Excellence


At a very young age, Arto Artinian already knew a thing or two about high jewellery. Growing up in a family of Armenian jewellers, he and his brother Saro used to watch their father sort and assemble diamonds. “It was so much fun for us then, not knowing how valuable the little stones were,” he shares. Continue reading Artinian: Committed To Excellence

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Working Day at Artinian Co., Ltd.

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A walk through the specialized interiors, showing the key departments of the Artinian jewelry manufacturing process, the Artinian Co., Ltd. corporate showreel is an informative depiction of how day to day responsibilities are implemented at Artinian in a purpose built, high tech, modern, healthy and safe working environment, managed with responsible corporate governance and customer centric professional ethic.


The objective of the showreel is to exemplify the Artinian standards of ‎jewelry ‎design and ‎manufacturing. Artinian Co., Ltd. President & CEO Arto Artinian and Creative Director & COO Saro Artinian at the helm of a ‎second ‎generation jewelry manufacturing‎ legacy which has begun since the 1950s, ‎creating ‎refined, ‎innovative and ‎inspired ‎high-end jewelry ‎collections, sustaining corporate virtues of quality, innovation, technology & business integrity.


Journeying through the behind the scenes steps of a fine jewelry creation beginning with inspiration to design, prototyping to master artisanship, diamond selection to microscope setting, fine polishing to microscopic quality control and moreover into the stages marketing creativity and support as well impeccable customer service.


Artinian Editorial Team

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NOIR Moods 2015


Artinian has been assessing NOIR Moods for the better part of the past three months, to look beyond existing lines and to discover a style perspective in a creatively tangled mind form; One which creates a jewelry collection, balancing the style inspiration of everyday life, the joy of personal celebrations and the inner happiness of feeling fabulous with Artinian jewelry.


Continue reading NOIR Moods 2015