NOIR Moods 2015

Artinian has been assessing NOIR Moods for the better part of the past three months, to look beyond existing lines and to discover a style perspective in a creatively tangled mind form; One which creates a jewelry collection, balancing the style inspiration of everyday life, the joy of personal celebrations and the inner happiness of feeling fabulous with Artinian jewelry.

The approach placed a reverse sentiment on extravagance as NOIR portrayed the bareness of two simple shades. Thus focused on the jewelry alone and yet told the details of the NOIR Moods. There was an appeal to keep simplicity under the spotlight, honed with the sophisticated, minimalist usage of the jewelry.

NOIR also restrained the effect of vivid colors (and subsequent dilution) but highlighted the luxury of Black and White.

More expression was given to the self; hence, the NOIR Mood in the person, the model, the jeweler and the artist designer; whether on the set or behind the lights.

The aesthetic of the NOIR shoot is kept silent, yet questioning. Elaborate style assumed a question mark and interpretations left for the online viewer, for a digital beckoning. Does NOIR have a transparency of style?

Perhaps a hint for Artinian Fine Jewelry for thoughts to come. A starting point of a creative process which will be tirelessly examined, elevated and eventually featured with new creations.

NOIR is an introduction of unscheduled Moods at Artinian. Reflective intuition, shapes, design as envisioned by the Creative Director.

Enthusiastic yet naïve, content yet curious. NOIR Moods… Summer 2015. Editorial Team