Training – Fire Fighting & Evacuation 2016

High Standards of Fire Evacuation Training & Safety Maintained

On the 27th of February 2016, the Management and Staff of Artinian Co., Ltd. underwent a day long “Annual Fire Fighting and Fire Evacuation Training and Practice” to ensure high standards of safety awareness and highly trained employees are sustained in operational readiness to deal promptly with fire emergency situations.

The objectives of the Fire Safety executional plan at Artinian Co., Ltd. is part of the wider scope of work of the Health and Safety committee of the company which consist of representatives from many different departments headed by the General Manager’s office, team members from the Admin, Logistics, Selection, Setting, Polishing, Casting, IT and HR departments, all supervised under the guidance of the Health and Safety policies and procedures of the company.

The long term objective of this committee is to:

1. Clarify to team members and practice the basic method of Evacuation in case of a fire emergency as part of general fire protection systems
2. Take preemptive action against risk of fire – How to minimize risk with the usage of fire extinguishers, control and confinement mechanisms
3. Ensure the building facilities are well equipped with preventative tools and that Artinian team members are aware of these facilities; locations of sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers
4. Ensure that the Fire Safety equipments are properly maintained and tested by the designated personnel of the company
5. Delegate responsibilities and roles to individual team members to confirm good working order of all procedures, leave every issue checked and rechecked even the Emergency lighting systems
6. Emergency evacuation scenario is well rehearsed in full drill by all occupants of the Artinian Co., Ltd. premises, supervised by Trained public officials.
7. First Aid training realized for specific team members, individuals who are tasked to perform First Aid be in fully prepared and trained level of readiness.

Artinian Co., Ltd.

Senior Management – President of Health and Safety Committee